Welcome to the Barricader website!

Barricader is a cross-platform, third-person strategy game currently being developed by Ripple Effect Games. It takes place in the distant future where law is enforced through non-violent means by a task force known as Barricaders. Barricader has very strategic gameplay and incorporates both single player and multiplayer modes to give the player a variety of challenges.

Key Features
  • Simple, intuitive game play anyone can easily learn, but difficult to master.
  • Artistic, story-driven single player missions including visually appealing 2D cinematics.
  • Fun, engrossing 3D characters and environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed for all skill levels.
  • Local and remote multiplayer playability. Play as a team or opponents with 1-4 players and optional AI.
  • Learning curve that promotes re-playability of both single player missions and online against live opponents.
  • Compete to be the best in online tournaments and ongoing ladder standings.
  • Unique, competitive game play that will generate a strong online community.
  • Easily create new maps and share them online or download maps created by other users, creating new unique challenges.
  • Developed as a cross-platform product for easy portability to other devices.